Alex's link...

Do go and have a look at Alex's wonderful blog, 

Embarrassing & Fun

I highly recommend it.

Alex misbehaving AGAIN!

ABDL Nursery London UK


"Am I impressed? I think not Alex. Go and stand in the corner next to the large cupboard.  

And more of Alex...

ABDL Nursery London UKStern mother giving alex a telling off with prissy friend listening in. And just who is that passing by the window, the school cheerleader he secretly fancies. Oh dear me, now embarrassing!

Alex again...

ABDL Nursery London UK

I don't remember saying you have a choice Alex! It is either my way or the highway, do you understand?


ABDL Nursery London UK

Now me and my AB/DL and LIttle Sissy Nursery is seen via Skype.

I have been having a good many requests from all those Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Little Sissies and curious out there, living far, far away (and the shy and nervous closer by;)) to see a bit more of me, Nanny Alice and my very special Nursery;)  

So, you now can, via Skype!

TWITTER account opened…

Nanny Alice has decided to take the plunge and expose her ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) Nursery to Twitter.

 Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Nanny checking the state of your wet nappy.

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Nanny changing required, but not too quickly after wetting. Nanny will make you wait.

Horror "Boys dressed as Girls"!!

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Are you one of those boys?


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