New PINK items ordered:)


Most of these items are in medium and a few in med/large.  

There are also 2 petticoat tutus arriving so that those little ones who wear the dresses and skirts can have them sticking out like a puff ball (like in these photos).  What a stunning look that is.

Showing Nanny Alice respect.

ATTENTION - For those little ones who are visiting my Adult Baby nursery.


Boy's bib...

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UK

A bib for the little boys.

Alice in Wonderland dress and apron...

Being the gorgeous girl you are for Nanny Alice.

The frilly back...

(Posed by a model.)

Feeding, frillies etc.

Some images to share with you all of a gorgeous little one, enjoy:)

Snack time

Latest items at my Adult Baby Nursery here in London, UK...

I have just order MORE terry nappies for those of you who prefer the old-fashioned approach! Packs of 3 in sizes 48 and 60 inches. This way, I Nanny Alice will never run out and you can have a larger size if wanting it bulky. You know, that feeling of lots of terry padding between your legs, rubbing up againt you 'bits and pieces';)

Have also ordered another changing mat, with teddies all over it from Nanny Margaret at Cosy and Dry. You can never not have too many of these as I like to keep my AB nursery very clean and spotless.

Large baby bottles

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UKNanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London UK I

I have order these larger baby bottles.


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