Skype at Nanny Alice's AB/DL Nursery London UK

To all my little ones and/or sissies, or whatever your interests may be, who are not able to physically be with me at a AB/DL and Little Sissy Nursery here in Central London UK, due to distance, feeling shy, wanting an introductory online session etc...

I, Nanny Alice, am now offering Skype sessions right here in the heart of my beautiful bespoke nursery.

This service is available from 12 noon onwards LONDON TIME, Monday to Saturday, for those of you based in other parts of the world.

See me, see my frilly satiny outfits, see my AB cot and AB high-chair, my AB massage table and everything else in-between :)  Explore your imagination in safety and privacy . Let's have FUN and everything else besides, with what the time you spent in my very special place entails;)

This is an opportunity to see and speak to me LIVE (no pre-recorded messages).

Skype sessions need to be PRE-BOOKED (no same day bookings taken) and the fee sorted out beforehand.  Naturally, if you cannot make the day and time we agree on you are welcome to reschedule ONCE and not forfeit your tribute (if giving me at least 12 hours notice).

70 British pounds per 30 minutes (audio & video) .

110 British pounds per I hour (audio & video).

(Highly detailed role-play may incur an extra fee).

100% CONFIDENTIAL. "What happens on Skype stays on Skype."

HARD LIMITS are the same as if you were seeing me on a one-to-one basis.  And remember, NO nakedness on my part with video sessions (though you are welcome to be as unclothed as your heart desires!).

To apply fill in my contact form below (NO calling me initially, NO texts).

Thank you,

Nanny Alice

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London


Feedback January 2019

"Having just had a most enjoyable Skype session with Nanny Alice,

I can confirm that this lady knows exactly what she is doing.

What do I mean by that?....

I mean that she totally understood the brief I sent her,

which laid out what I wanted from the session,

and as well as including all the elements I required, she included a few of her own which made it even more stimulating.

What's more, she did it in a very natural way, so it never felt like she was working from a script.

Her attention to detail is fantastic....not just her hair,

make-up and costumes, but also her demeanour,

and the way she varies her tone of voice - sometimes imperious, sometimes playful, but always just right.

Within minutes of the session starting I genuinely felt like a big baby who was totally under Nanny's control.

Suffice to say, it was a thrilling half hour, and worth every penny.

In closing, this lady is a class act, and a meticulous practitioner of the art of erotic embarrassment.

If I didn't live near Manchester I would book an appointment at her London nursery in an instant,

and I envy those who have been lucky enough to see her in person."


Skype Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London