Are you able to have me visit your nursery over a number of consecutive days Nanny Alice?

I have given this a good deal of thought and for the moment have decided I am not able to offer overnight stays.  Firstly, I strive to keep in line of current licensing laws .  Secondly, when I have my little ones with me, I am there for them 100%.  Therefore, I need 'time-out' to recharge my batteries after having been focused on my charges.  You may imagine that nannies get a break when their charges are put to bed in the Adult Baby cot in the evening, not necessarily so. Adult babies have been known to cry, whimper, as well as sleep walk if not locked to the baby bars!!!   All sorts of other mischief transpires in the dead of night!!!  I can't relax and sleep with all this carry-on.  There are a good many hotels within walking distance of my Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) Nursery that I can recommend for your stay during your visit to London UK.