Questions & Answers

No, I do not do same day appointments. You have to book in advance.

I require at least a couple of days notice. A week or two in advance is ideal as you are then likely to get the day and time you would like to visit. Also, I do not have more than three  little ones a week visit my ABDL nursery here in London UK.  It is very important to give the best of myself to the select few I see each week.

It all depends on what you have in mind in regards to your visit to my nursery.  I would not  recommend anything under 2 hours unless you have a very specific interest i.e. OTK spanking/discipline. I do not see anyone at my ABDL nursery for under a half hour.

My nursery is not just for adult babies.  I also cater for sissies of various 'regressed' ages and identities, diaper lovers, school boys and girls, as well as any other BDSM activities that overlap with a nursery setting.

My nursery is in Central London, very close to two tube lines in zone 2.  You will get more information on the day of your visit.

You will have to put your request to me with a good deal of notice. I will then consider it.  Keep in mind that if you have not visited my nursery, committing yourself to an extended day is a large undertaking. It is preferable to have a shorter stay, a couple of hours, for us to get to know each other (see next question).

I have given this a good deal of thought and for the moment have decided I am not able to offer overnight stays.  Firstly, I strive to keep in line of current licensing laws .  Secondly, when I have my little ones with me, I am there for them 100%.  Therefore, I need 'time-out' to recharge my batteries after having been focused on my charges.  You may imagine that nannies get a break when their charges are put to bed in the Adult Baby cot in the evening, not necessarily so. Adult babies have been known to cry, whimper, as well as sleep walk if not locked to the baby bars!!!   All sorts of other mischief transpires in the dead of night!!!  I can't relax and sleep with all this carry-on.  There are a good many hotels within walking distance of my Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) Nursery that I can recommend for your stay during your visit to London UK.

Initially, all contact with me is via emails. If I feel your interests could be served well by visiting my ABDL nursery here in London you will then be given a number to call me on. The call you make will need to be from a traceable mobile number. No land-lines, no texts and no withheld numbers.

You will only receive an address to come to on the day of your appointment, when you phone in to confirm (at the time we have agreed to).

NO, it is not OK for you to be late unless you let me know as asap in regard to not being able to keep to your allotted starting time. I need to know where I stand at all times.  If you are early on the other hand, walk around the block to kill time and only call me when agreed. That is what I do when I am early for appointments, so I expect the same from others!

Answer my contact form honestly AFTER having read my website thoroughly. Don't ask me questions already covered on my website.  If I agree to have you visit my nursery confirm on the day at the agreed time.  Make sure you are clean and fresh for your arrival (you will also be given more opportunities to shower, use the bidet, during your ABDL nursery visit).  All little ones that arrive punctually and enter my building discreetly are more than welcome.

No, I will be with you in the nursery at all times, other than when I sort out making up bottles, heating up baby food etc. in the kitchen. In these instances the door leading to the nursery is kept open so I will be able to hear you. My little charges will be able to sense my presence, even if am out of view.  I do not leave my adult babies, diaper lovers, nor little sissies to fend for themselves. I am an ABDL nanny and I take my responsibilities to my little charges very seriously.

My mobile phone, that is used for my nanny service, is switched off  when you arrive.  My land line (that rarely rings) is kept on, but ignored unless it is an emergency. I expect  you to switch off any mobiles you have.

I normally use disposable nappies from the Abri and Tena range (though old fashioned terry nappies are available as well). If you prefer another make let me know BEFORE your visit.

You DO NOT have permission to poo in your nappy/diaper.

I feel mess in nappies it an intentional act and you will be banished from my nursery then and there, still wearing the messy nappy/diaper! You will also, being the very naughty baby you are, never able to return. You will receive no refund.

The fee you are quoted by me after we have got to know each other a bit, via email and then phone is not adjusted, unless I find myself having to engage with an unexpected event (i.e. poo in terry nappy - as you would be banished from my premises with this nappy on, that will incur an extra payment as old fashioned nappies cost money!)!

It would be more appropriate here for you to visit a broad-minded escort.  

Yes, that is fine by me.  Communication is key, just let me know what sort of dynamic works for you and if this does not infringe upon my own personal limits, I will receive a warm welcome to my nursery.

Yes,  have no problem with that. In fact, I will encourage you with lots of drinkies.

You are welcome to bring your frillies or whatever else with you.  If you need me to keep them that is something I can consider but, I have to agree to this request  BEFORE your visit.

Yes, I can get any item of clothing your heart may desire that I will pay for, as long as it is something I want to add to my collection in the nursery.   BUT keep in mind it may take a bit of time.  So, in this instance I need at least 2 weeks notice.

Yes, you can take away an time of clothing I ordered especially of you if you have paid for it in advance.

Yes.  I have a lot of experience with novices and after we have exchanged emails, spoken on the phone and had a chat when you first arrive at my nursery...  you will most likely feel more a ease.

I like nothing more than to spoil my charges and bring the best out of them in a safe, secure, non-judgemental environment.  In saying that, I am not perfect. I am not able to give you any guarantees other than that I will strive to give the best of myself, whatever that my be, during your visit.  I put in place as many safeguards as I can to ensure that happens, such as - not seeing too many babies in any given week, communicating as much beforehand as I feel is necessary, so that I am confident I am the right nanny for you etc.

There is nothing you can say to me that will shock me. I am a mature nanny who has heard everything there is to hear about life, love, lust and everything inbetween.   But keep in mind just because you have a fantasy you tell me about, that does not mean necessarily I will be in a position to facilitate that experience for you. It is always best to be on the safe side and check with me beforehand. Springing on me a last minute request may lead to disappointment. As said earlier I need to know what my little charges require BEFORE their visits.

Make sure I know all about your anticipated transgressions before you see me. As it is, I am firm but fair and have all sorts of ways of making sure you remember who is in charge.

I can accommodate outside visits that are agreed IN ADVANCE. All expenses incurred during these visits will be paid by you.

I screen potential visitors to my nursery very carefully and have never met anyone who has wanted to leave. We always start off with a pre-seesion chat and only after that is finished do you leave the tribute (fee).  So there are plenty of opportunities to make your excuses and dash for the door if not happy;)  

In the most part, only very small babies are breastfed in our western culture, those up to 6 months  old.  So my general rule is I will not breast feed you as it is not 'age appropriate', being that my nursery is for little ones from two years onwards!!  I don't tolerate 'demanding' give me, give me now babies.

Take the plunge, fill out my contact form and include the question.

It is not at all necessary to give me a gift, but if you decide you would like bring something, please note - I am not that much interested in drinking alcohol. 

I would prefer dark chocolates with nuts (like Ferrero Rocher), or a growing orchard in a pot (NOT artificial).